Nicholas Ponari

Nick Ponari

Angel investor, entrepreneur, hobbyist photographer and a lifelong learner.



I like to build cool stuff that helps people.

Here's a little bit about what I'm up to.


I've been turned onto the scientific method of designing great experiences. Currently into design thinking, user research and AR/VR UI.

What am I currently interested in?

Data Sciences


If you can make the right assumptions and combine it with the right model, it almost feels like you're predicting the future. I'm really into Python and interactive dashboards.

Composite Photography


I got started with photography, but now I'd like to try my hand at using Photoshop to take my real-life perspectives and distort them into my expression of digital art.

My Ventures

Co-Founder and Investor


This small Montreal-based startup is trying to change the way people experience videogames and interact with virtual worlds. 

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Angel Investor, Board Member

This combination data-science/AI startup is about to change the way small businesses automate and manage their supply chain and inventory. Optimize your e-commerce or small retail business with just the click of a single button at an affordable price!


They're backed by FounderFuel and are members of several prominent AI research groups in Quebec and Montreal!

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Angel Investor

This small startup from Saint-John's, Newfoundland is trying to optimize the way we consume energy while saving customers money on their energy bills.


Recipient of many awards including best thermostat in 2020 by NBC News, CIX's Top 20 Early companies and made it into the Lazaridis ScaleUp Cohort of 2020.


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